2022 Go Dutch Bike Lover Holiday Gift Guide

Make the everyday cyclist in your life happy with the newest in cycling gadgets, accessories, or whatever else it is they need to make their next ride more pleasant. 

We have procured the following best top 10 cycling specific gifts recommended by us!

1. Rear carrier luggage straps - $19.99

These straps compliment any bike rear carrier. These are a much better alternative to bungee cords and easy for quick transport of your items. Strap most things on your rear carrier with these authentic rear carrier luggage straps from the Netherlands. Another good thing to know, they come in a few different colors!

2. EP Ultra Extreme Chain Lube – $29.99

Designed to run chains in marine conditions and other extreme environments. It provides 3 times the mileage per application of most competing products offering 500+ miles of on road use. It also stays in place and will not wash off in rain, mud or snow. This smooth running formula reduces drivetrain noise and stops friction All condition lube protects from wear and binding from -100°F to 300°F without hardening or melting off. There is also an ultra high film strength which prevents wear from metal to metal contact. Yet another feature is that it breaks and prevents corrosion - also works as a rapid penetrant on the workbench to help free stuck parts.

3. Abus IvyTex 7210 Chain - $129.99

These new Abus IvyTex chain locks feature synthetic fibre coating which not only provides the color accents, but should also be highly flexible, functional and durable to protect against damage to the paintwork. The coating thus offers a high degree of protection against wear and tear and does not absorb liquids, e.g. water or oil — so the locks are additionally protected against corrosion. They comply with Abus security level 8 offering an extra level of security if used in addition to a secondary lock.

4. The Lumos Ultra Bicycle Helmet with integrated LED’s and blinkers - $172.99 / MIPS $214.99

Available in three different colors, lime (as shown above), matte black or ultra-white. With over 10 hours of battery life, smart functions like track your activity and sync with Strava and Apple Health this is by far the best way to keep your everyday cyclist friends stay safe over those dark winter months.

5. Shotgun Combo Box Baby Seat On Frame - $269

Get out and hit the trails with your little ripper. Shotgun Kids has created a beautifully simple frame mounted seat that allows you to share your love of riding trails with the next generation.

The shotgun kids mountain bike seat is designed for toddlers 2 – 5 years old, is fully adjustable, and mounts to the top tube or frame of any mountain bike. This also includes bars to your kid's seat and let your passenger feel like they’re in control. As and added bonus, they reduce your passenger’s desire to play with your gears.

6. CatEye, AMPP 200 & VIZ 100, Light, Set, Black - $69.99

CatEye’s brand new AMPP200 Front & ViZ100 rear USB rechargeable light set is an ideal set for commuters and riders looking to go further across and range of urban zones or looking for a great back up safety light set. Simple to fit and easy to operate, this is a light seat with a wide range of features & functions. The AMPP 200 is new to the range and has improved side visibility, which the new ViZ 100 packs a load of power (100 lumen) into a small weather resistant and compact body.

7. EVO - Billy Rear Basket - $45.99

Hands down, our most popular accessory sold online and in store, and it’s affordable, easy and functional.  Hooks easily onto most racks, has a foldable handle and is perfect for any grocery runs or storage needs.

8. The Go Dutch Ding Dong Bell – $9.99

A custom branded and authentic Go Dutch ‘’Ding Dong style’’ Bell. This is a fantastic stocking stuffer!

9. Park Tool Multi Tool MTB-5 (16 tools) - $49.99

This very nifty Park Tool packs 16 functions into one slim, tough folding multi-tool, making it the ideal companion for any roadside adjustment or emergency fixes. It features a full set of hex wrenches and screwdrivers, a T25 Torx®-compatible driver, and five specialty tools to aid in common on-the-ride repairs.

10. Bailey Co. Richmond | Convertible Pannier Backpack - $120

This is the Bailey Co's signature pannier bag that easily converts into a backpack.  Whether you're riding to the beach, commuting to the office, or picking up a few groceries at the market, this classically styled, versatile pannier backpack will quickly become your go-to bag that looks great both on and off your bike.  Slide-Rack mount included.

Happy Holidays!