we recycle bikes. we give bikes new life.


Best spot to buy a bike hands down. My bike from Go Dutch exceeded my expectations tenfold. Not only did I find the perfect bike that suited me, the support and experience was unmatched. I really appreciated the assurance and time to be sure it was the bike for me. If you are looking for a bike I highly recommend getting a quality and unique bike from Go Dutch.


Bas and his team at Go Dutch have changed my life by introducing me to Dutch bikes. My bike commute to work has been changed forever...my new comfortable upright ride allows we focus on the world around me!!! Plus it comes with a lock, lights and a rack. The staff are incredibly helpful and passionate about what they do.


This crew is beyond Awesome. Just GO, see for yourself. They went way above and beyond to support my challenging bike situation. They just kept offering help! 💚💚💚 best vibes and community feel