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In 2020, Bas de Beer decided to make his dream of importing Dutch bicycles to Canada come true and Go Dutch was born.

Authentic Dutch Bicycles

Our bicycles have come right off of the streets of Amsterdam. These are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, previously loved, upright cycling machines! They are equipped with all the essentials including front and rear lights, mudguards, rear carrier racks, and frame mounted wheel locks that will protect your bike for years to come. Want to learn more about what makes a Dutch bike so unique? Click here!

Premium Dutch Brands

Our inventory consists of premium Dutch bicycle brands. These brands have worked for decades to master the quality, lifespan and comfort of their bikes. They are tried and tested by millions of Dutch people everyday, so we know you will love them too.

Why previously loved Dutch Bikes?

In The Netherlands there are more bicycles than people (it’s true!).

SUSTAINABILITY: The Netherlands have a surplus of bicycles and we’re here to give those bicycles another life in Canada. Cycling is also a great alternative to using a car or public transit. It is not only helping the environment, but benefits your physical and mental health too!

COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE: A bicycle can be an expensive purchase. By shopping second-hand, you can get something great for a lower price. Plus, Dutch bikes are designed to last a lifetime in all weather conditions. 

STORYTELLING: Because these bikes are previously owned, each has a unique story to tell… Now it’s your turn. Where will your bike take you? What will your story be? 

NOSTALGIA: Riding a Dutch bike is an experience like no other. Because of the relaxed upright position, you’ll feel like a kid again comfortably cruising around your city. 

By purchasing a Go Dutch bike, you’ll directly contribute to the rapidly growing Canadian cycling culture. Our goal is to see more Canadians use their bicycles as an everyday transportation method. 

Bas de Beer, Founder:

Go Dutch Bikes is providing a new style of bicycles to the streets of Toronto since 2021.

Founder Bas de Beer left Amsterdam in 2010 to follow his heart. He landed in Toronto to be with his Canadian wife and loves his life raising his two young Dutch Canadian sons, but he felt there was something missing... his bicycle. 

Over the past ten years, Bas tried nearly every bike Canada had to offer, but he found that nothing compared to the authentic Dutch style bikes he grew up on. It felt impossible to find one he liked (especially without breaking the bank) in Canada. 

Bas wants to share his love of bikes that take you from work, to your buddy's house, to a patio for a beer, and then back home all while feeling comfortable and looking good. Most importantly, he wants his boys to be able to experience cycling… the Dutch way.