Why are Dutch Bikes so heavy?

Contrary to the common perception of Dutch bikes being heavy, it's important to highlight that frames often are crafted using lightweight materials such as aluminum frames. While weight is often associated with Dutch bikes due to several factors, it's crucial to recognize the diversity in materials and designs. Dutch bikes are renowned for their sturdy construction, frequently featuring robust steel frames for durability, albeit contributing to weight. Additionally, integrated accessories like racks and fenders, while enhancing utility, can add to the overall weight. The presence of an internal hub gear system, a common characteristic in Dutch bikes, may contribute to weight compared to external gear systems, but it ensures a low-maintenance and reliable gearing solution. Furthermore, the comfortable and upright design of Dutch bikes, though potentially involving a heavier frame, prioritizes structural elements for a comfortable ride.

It's essential to note that not all Dutch bikes carry significant weight, as many are designed with modern lightweight materials, offering a balance between durability, practicality, and comfort in urban commuting.