What is a Dutch Bike?

Dutch bikes, also known as "Dutch-style bikes" or "Dutch city bikes," are a distinct category of bicycles that originated in the Netherlands. These bikes are designed with practicality, comfort, and functionality in mind, making them well-suited for the flat terrain and urban lifestyle of Dutch cities.

Characterized by an upright and comfortable riding position, Dutch bikes typically feature a step-through or low-step frame design, allowing riders to easily mount and dismount, even while wearing skirts or dresses. They often come equipped with fenders, chain guards, and a built-in rack for carrying cargo, reflecting the Dutch emphasis on practicality and convenience in everyday transportation.

These bikes are renowned for their durability and longevity, making them a popular choice for commuters, city dwellers, and anyone looking for a reliable, low-maintenance bicycle. At Go Dutch, we have the largest selection of new and pre loved Dutch bikes, Cargo Bikes, Electric Dutch Bikes.