How to use a Dutch Bike Lock?

One of the key features of Dutch bikes is their robust built-in lock system. These integrated locks are typically located on the rear wheel and can be easily engaged to secure the bike when parked. To use a Dutch bike lock:

  1. Park in a Designated Area: Find a suitable place to park your Dutch bike, preferably in a designated bike parking area or against a sturdy object like a bike rack.

  2. Engage the Rear Wheel Lock: Most Dutch bikes come equipped with a rear wheel lock, also known as a frame lock. To engage it, simply insert the key into the lock, turn it, move the lever down and the lock will click, securing the rear wheel in placeHow to operate a ring lock on a Dutch bike

  3. Additional Security Measures: While the built-in lock provides basic security, it's advisable to use additional measures for added protection. Consider using a secondary cable or chain lock to secure the bike to a fixed object, further deterring theft. Or better, hide an air tag on your bike.
  4. Register your bike: To protect your bike and increase the chances of recovery if it is stolen, document key details such as make, model, color, and unique features, along with the bike's serial number. Take clear photographs of the bike from various angles. Consider registering your bike on online platforms like Bike Index or Project 529 to enhance visibility if it's stolen. In case of theft, promptly report it to the police, providing all recorded details and photos. Additionally, check the Toronto Police Service's official website or contact your local police division for information on any updated bike registration programs or initiatives.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Dutch bike is securely parked and less susceptible to theft.