Do Dutch Bikes have gears?

At Go Dutch, the majority of our inventory consists of bikes equipped with multi-speed gear systems such as 3-speed, 7-speed, or 8-speed options. Dutch bikes are often crafted with a straightforward and practical approach to gears. In the realm of traditional Dutch bikes, you'll find single-speed models tailored for flat terrains, offering simplicity, user-friendliness, and minimal maintenance requirements. Another prevalent feature in Dutch bikes is the three-speed internal hub gear system, striking a balance suitable for diverse terrains while avoiding the complexity of external gears. For added convenience and reduced maintenance, some Dutch bikes are equipped with internal hub gears, ensuring the gear mechanism is enclosed within the rear hub. This design allows riders to shift gears even while stationary, proving advantageous in urban traffic situations. Although Dutch bikes may not boast the extensive gear range found in sport-oriented bicycles, their gear systems are precisely tailored to meet the practical and urban cycling needs they are designed for.

Here are the three different gearing systems you often find on Go Dutch Bikes:

  1. Single-Speed Dutch Bikes: Some Dutch bikes are designed with a single-speed gear system, which is ideal for flat terrains. These bikes are straightforward, easy to use, and require minimal maintenance.

  2. Three-Speed Internal Hub Gears: A common feature in Dutch bikes is the three-speed internal hub gear system. This setup is suitable for varying terrains and provides enough versatility without the complexity of multiple external gears.

  3. Internal Hub Gears: Dutch bikes with internal hub gears have the gear mechanism enclosed within the rear hub, protecting it from the elements and reducing maintenance needs. Riders can shift gears while stationary, adding convenience in city traffic.