Are there male and female Dutch bike frames?

There is no such thing as a female frame and a male frame in my opinion. In the Netherlands, both men and women use the same frame style, which is often the step-through frame for ease of use when getting on and off the bike. 

I often get asked when someone is looking at a step through bike, isn’t that a girls bike and the answer is, it truly is not tied to any gender and it totally depends on your preference. I think that back in the early days of biking, women could more easily ride their step through style bikes while wearing a skirt making it feel more like a female bike.  I personally also strongly feel that a cross bar frame bike really adds to the beautiful classic aesthetic of the bicycle. 

Not often, but sometimes we come across almost low rider step through frames in our stock. Ideal for the elderly and those with mobility issues getting on and off a bike more easily, having to only slightly lift your legs. 

So next time that you are looking for a bike, think about what you are looking for in a bike and what you prefer in getting on and off your bike.