What Makes a Dutch Bike Unique? 5 Reasons You Should Buy a Dutch Bike

If you’re living in Canada, you may be asking, “What’s all the hype about Dutch bikes?” Here are 5 Reasons You Should Buy a Dutch Bike:

  1. COMFORTABLE: A comfortable upright position that is easy to ride and makes for a fun, nostalgic experience. You'll feel like a kid again - back peddling and cruising around the city. Perfect for everyday commuting as well as casual riding.
  2. SAFETY: A super safe ride. The high upright position allows for greater visibility over the tip of traffic and you'll see further ahead on the road. Dutch bikes also come equipped with large front and rear headlights so you'll be visible at all times. 
  3. STYLE: Ride in style on classic Dutch bicycles. With complimentary chain guards, full fenders and mudguards, your clothes stay clean and dry and your bike components remain clean and dirt/debris free through all kinds of weather.
  4. CONVENIENCE: Dutch bikes are an all-in-one type of bicycle, making it easy and convenient to hop on and ride everyday, wherever life may take you. 
  5. LONG-LASTING: Dutch bicycles are designed to last. Many of the key components are covered up and protected, therefore these parts are not exposed to the elements. They are sturdy and built to last.