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Shimano Roller Brake Grease

Shimano Roller Brake Grease

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A specific lube for a specific task - this roller brake grease was devised to maintain roller brake function
Keeps roller brake components working to maximum efficiency for better braking
Prevents the damaging rust and corrosion caused by the ingress of water and road muck into valuable parts

- Suitable For: Roller Brakes
- Content In Ltr: 0,1
- Weight: 100g

If braking force is abnormally strong, or if braking force is abnormally weak
the cause might be not enough brake grease.
Before applying grease, remove the grease hole cap
and press-fit the tube into the back of the hole. Apply an
appropriate amount of grease (approx. 5g) while turning
the wheel slowly. After application, check that braking is
properly applied and that no abnormal noise is heard.