The Go Dutch Luxury Oma Bike 3 Speed - New Bike

The Go Dutch Luxury Oma Bike 3 Speed - New Bike

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The Go Dutch Luxury Oma is a brand new Go Dutch step-through style bicycle that is a three speed with roller brakes. The bicycle has a LARGE frame size of 22'', and is black in colour. Visit Size Chart to determine the right fit for you.

Equipped with:

  • Chain Guard - keep you and your bike clean and no need to worry about getting your pant leg caught.
  • Luggage Rear Rack - store your bag and groceries.
  • Roller Brakes - low maintenance yet strong hand brakes
  • Go Dutch Bell - you need a bell, it’s the law!
  • Working Front Light - it’s attached, so no one is taking yours.
  • Working Rear Light - stay out as late as you need and don’t worry about your visibility.
  • Rear Wheel Lock - attached to your frame, you’ll never forget your lock again.
  • Rear Wheel Jacket or Skirt Protector - feel confident riding in a long jacket or skirt.
  • Internal 3 Speed Gears by Shimano Nexus - low maintenance
  • Upright Seating Position - for optimal comfort and the best visibility.
  • White Creme Tires
  • Made in Holland


  • 14 day warranty
  • Anti-theft
    (each bicycle has a unique frame number that we strongly encourage you to register with the police)

Pick-up and local delivery options available.