Kort - Crossbar Style Dutch Bike - Large - 24" - Gazelle Orange

Kort - Crossbar Style Dutch Bike - Large - 24" - Gazelle Orange

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Kort is a Gazelle Orange crossbar style bicycle that has a rear roller brake and front v brake with 7 gears. The bicycle has a LARGE frame size of 24'', and is gloss black in colour. Visit Size Chart to determine the right fit for you.

Equipped with:

  • Chain Guard - keep you and your bike clean and no need to worry about getting your pant leg caught.
  • Luggage Rear Rack - store your bag and groceries.
  • Drum Hand Brakes - low maintenance yet strong reverse pedal brake type and a front v handle brake.
  • Go Dutch Bell - you need a bell, it’s the law!
  • Working Front Light - it’s attached, so no one is taking yours.
  • Working Rear Light - stay out as late as you need and don’t worry about your visibility.
  • Rear Wheel Lock - attached to your frame, you’ll never forget your lock again.
  • Internal 7 Gears - low maintenance, never skip a gear.
  • Upright Seating Position - with brand new seat for optimal comfort and the best visibility.
  • New shifter, grips, cables, lights and water bottle holder.


  • 14 day warranty
  • Anti-theft - each bicycle has a unique frame number that we strongly encourage you to register with the police

Due to the nature of secondhand products, minor scratches, rust, and wear is normal to see and may not be visible in image. This does not affect the performance of the bike.

Pick-up and local delivery options available.